9 Ladies Golf Gloves: the curated shortlist

The glove is often neglected by the average golfer, especially when it comes to female golfers. There are multiple golf gloves options available, as it is the case with many other golfing accessories. With such numerous varieties accessible, this changes the entire motive from just being about getting the glove with the best grip but also involving getting pieces that fit the weather you frequently play in, parts with the best materials, and components that will be able to take you many rounds. This doesn’t imply that you go for the most expensive pieces in the market. Always take your time and go for the best. Specific features to search for include manufacturer, materials, and comfort.

1. Callaway Golf Women’s OptiColor Glove

 Manufactured by one of the most famous golf designers and a company with a good understanding of women’s needs, OptiColor is manufactured for ladies who know the difference in wearing high-quality golf gloves. It comes in three distinct colors pink, black, and blue. It is also manufactured to make a mark in the golf course and has an identifiable Callaway logo, which gives it a classy and high-end impression. It is made using unity Optiflex stretch suede and optical leather.


  • It offers ultimate performance and a premium feel.
  • Comes with a ball marker that is banded
  • Permits more excellent airflow and breathability through its perforations on fingers, palm, and thumb
  • Made of quality material


  • Some buyers have said that the glove runs small

2. FootJoy Women’s WeatherSof Golf Glove

 Golf experts have proved that wearing one glove, typically on the leading hand, offers the best results as it enhances explicitly grip and prevents slip. This is the primary purpose why there are plenty of single gloves being sold. However, some golfers have got delicate skins or would not like to experience different sensations on different hands. This is the main reason why FootJoy came with its women’s golf gloves pair, to meet the demands of golfers who may have skin issues. FootJoy is made of materials that best offer intense grip and flexibility. It is made of Cabretta leather. Besides the fingers, it features fibers of microfiber. The pair is mainly designed to boost the player’s performance, and the leather is moisture resistant, which won’t make the wearer sweat. Having a perforated structure lets air flow naturally and thus leaves the inside with a comfortable dry feeling.


  • Comes in pairs
  • Allows an excellent breathability and is resistant to moisture
  • In the thumb and palm is made of Cabretta leather


  • Is a bit smaller

3. Finger Ten Golf Gloves Women’s Ladies Left Hand or Right Handed Grip 

This is one of the most recommended women golf gloves by users. It is popular despite being new to the industry mainly because it is sold at an affordable price while still maintaining quality. It also has a ball marker, which golfers often find attractive. It is made of leather and on the fingers has Lycra spandex, which offers greater flexibility and more excellent airflow. The leather provides a brilliant and steady grip and a soft feel to the skin. The ball marker placed strategically on the top of the hand makes the product unique, making multiple buyers claim that it possesses a piece of item that most golf manufacturers forget.


  • Offers a good feel and a firm grip.
  • Made of quality matters.
  • It is appropriate for all weather conditions and climates.


  • Has a few quality complaints.

4. Titleist Perma Soft Golf Glove Women’s

This company enjoys great popularity as it reigns the golf course with almost any accessory and piece of equipment. The Titleist Women’s gloves are designed to permit golfers to have full control over their clubs and also, at the same time, improve their grip for the most enhanced shot. The gloves are super soft and high quality to suit women who prefer delicate items. This glove is made of satin, leather, and breathable mesh.


  • Soft and breathable
  • Made from material that boosts comfort
  • At the thumb and cuff, it offers satin reinforcement


  • Not suitable for women with short fingers

5. Glove It Ladies Golf Gloves – Shaded Leaf

 As golf is a game of precision and fashion and style, the player must be equipped with the most comfortable clothes and equipment’s ensuring no distractions. Gloves are one piece of accessory that is most ignored. This model strives to offer women comfort and style, providing they no longer neglect gloves, but take it as an essential part of golf. The glove is made of lycra, which enables high breathability with the palm area being made of soft leather that offers a maximized performance owing to increased grip.


  • It can be worn all day and provides an excellent grip.
  • Comes in a broad range of color pattern and designs.
  • Made from quality material.


  • Some have complained of being too tight.

6. Zero Friction ladies compression golf glove

This is another women glove that combines style and fashion with maximized performance and comfort. It offers better sensation and maximized flexibility for diverse shot types from shots around the green to tee box shots. These are gloves worth considering for women looking for all-weather golf gloves. These gloves are made from mesh lycra, which can stretch through the fingers, going to the back of the hand and palm while allowing the skin to deal with moistness.


  • Guarantees a long-lasting shape as well as a universal fit.
  • Enhances feel through a digitized palm.
  • Ensures increased breathability and flexibility.


  • Some buyers have said they have low quality.

7. Bionic Women’s ReliefGrip Golf Glove

 Orthopedic specialists, the bionic relief, make these women’s golf gloves. They are specifically made to offer comfort to women golfers who have arthritis and those who wish to make a firmer grip. They have a padded system with an anatomical design, while the premium material used to produce them makes them a perfect choice for persons whose hand gets tired quickly. The glove is made from 100% Cabretta leather, the most sturdy leather type. Zones with the most motion, such as knuckles, have incredibly flexible, breathable, and comfortingly lycra material.


  • Has a patented design.
  • It mimics the hand’s natural movement.
  • Designed by experts mainly to serve orthopedic golfers.


  • Buyers have attributed it to wearing out soon

8. PGM Women’s Golf Glove One Pair, Improved Grip System, Comfortable and cool

These are gloves that are specially designed to offers a quality grip, with enhanced performance and flexibility. They are made professionally using breathable microfiber, which offers an outstanding balance between flexibility and stability when hitting the ball. These gloves have an ergonomic design, offering a natural control and feel and with a skid grain that offers 100% anti-slip.


  • Has incorporated sweat vents that permit increased breathability.
  • Feature a design that offers consistency and extra grip.
  • Designed using a microfiber that provides flexibility and stability.


  • Buyers have said that they run extra small.

9. TaylorMade 2019 Kalea Ladies Golf Glove

These is a perfect lady’s glove made from leather and lycra, ensuring it delivers ultimate enjoyment and comfort. To ensure durability, the glove is made of AAA Cabretta on areas most prone to wear and tear, such as the thumb and palm. The rest is made from stretch lycra to permit airflow, as well as increased flexibility. The model is best suited for hot weather and only covers your hand without wrist support. It also has perforations on the leather to ensure airflow and breathability. Taylor made women’s gloves are designed to assist golfing performance. The company has also been in the industry of manufacturing golf items for a long time. It thus assures convenience and quality at a reasonable price for a product of this type.


  • Is perforated to increase breathability
  • Made of high-quality material.
  • Combined stretch lycra panels for an amplified flexibility


  • Some Buyers have said it runs small.


In conclusion, there is a single point of contact with your golf club: your hands. If you are a lady who has been looking to better your performance in golf, then suitable golf gloves will always come in handy. As outlined earlier, some factors should be considered before getting to buy golfing gloves. These include your playing characteristics, the material, and the manufacturer of the gloves you wish to buy, among others. Above is a list that has made the work easier by outlining the best nine ladies golf gloves in the market.

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