How can I customize my golf cart?

A golf cart is as precious to a serious golfer as a car or a mobile or any other gadget is to other men. Initially, when people buy a golf cart, it’s usually pretty basic, without too many frills and features.

A Golf cart can have custom lights, bumper, wheels, tires, and seats. Modifications to the windshield and mirrors are also very common. Special plastic body parts and grills are attractive to give your cart your personal touch. Audio systems and speakers are also available for music fans.

The Seats

People fortunate enough to own their personal golf cart usually begin by upgrading the seats. Not only can you make the seats plush and comfortable by embellishing them with high-density foam, you can top it off with faux or genuine leather upholstery.

The Wheels

For wheels we fist need to decide how bigo you want them to be. In the case of golf carts, the diameter starts at 8 inches and go up to 12 inches.

If you decide to lift your golf cart, you will open the possibility of fitting 14″ wheels.

You might see dark varnished wood all over the cart or even a shiny chrome finish that sparkles when it catches the sun rays.

After you take care of the basics, then you can pay attention to the details, such as glass, rear view and lateral mirrors, and even the windshield.


Tires are key in the look of a golf cart and are linked with the wheels. Depending on the wheels, you would have a set of tires that could fit.

If you have standard height golf cart, tires can go up to 12″. If you lifted your golf cart, 14″ are also available.

Tires are also subject to the terrain where you want to use them. For carts, there are all terrain, all purpose and low profile.

The Windshield

There are several type of windshields you can install in your golf cart:

  1. Static or folding
  2. Clear or tinted 
  3. Impact resistant
  4. Acrylic thickness (3/16″; 1/4″)
  5. Vibration free
  6. Solid or with vents

Work out a theme according to your budget and your personal preferences. But beware of going overboard, you don’t want to screech your style statement, do you?

Don’t know where to begin Inquire at your local car repair shops if they might be willing to work on your golf cart body. A low-cost quickie to get you started can consist of a ready-made body kit or a simple paint job.

Check out online sites and research on Google for more ideas. If you feel like splurging, hire a pro who can add a professional touch to your style statement.


As we mentioned in the tires and wheels, depending if you decide or not to lift you cart, there will be a different range of options. But, how to lift my cart?

There are golf cart lifting kits available in the market, that will allow your cart to gain 1″, 3″, 4″, 6″ and up to 8″, depending on your preference y the manufacturer of your vehicle.

This can be done by different systems:

  • Drop Spindle Golf Cart Lifts Kits
  • A-Arm Golf Cart Lifts Kits
  • Drop Axle Golf Cart lifts Kits
  • Block Lift Kits
  • Long Travel Lift Kits

Steering Wheel

An element that would instantly improve the look and feel of your transport is the steering wheel. The most popular are 13″ and 14″.

When selecting a steering wheel, it is very important to be aware of the model of your cart. Not all wheels are compatible, but sometimes you can work this around with an adapter.

Audio Systems

Music fans are all over the place, so having a custom audio system in your golf cart would be a perfect fit for the music lover.

Starting with the receiver, there are several manufacturers that can provide high-quality audio for your golf cart, you definitely need it to have Bluetooth connectivity. Additionally, you need to match the receiver with speakers that can deliver the quality.

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